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Web Gallery

Web Design

A small but carefully scrutinized sampling of Omni Creative's web site designs. Not your average web design.

Sherlock Holmes web site thumbnail Santana Goldworks thumbnail Diversified Lab thumbnail Choice Business Advisors Online Pro Photography thumbnail MindHabits thumbnail Rhiannon Adventure Game thumbnail thumbnail Emo's Adventures thumbnail thumbnail History Channel's special on Egypt thumbnail History Channel's Modern Marvels thumbnail

Print Gallery

Print Design

Imagine. Create. Behold. Hold. Is digital really all that? Oh to behold (and actually hold)  real, tangible works of art.

Sears Optical Eyecare thumbnail Express Proofs Flyer thumbnail Jaeger Greenhouses thumbnail Express Proofs ad thumbnail

Package Design

Package Design

The "face" of your product makes all the diffrence in "shelf-life." In this case, a long shelf-life is NOT a good thing.

Adventure Collector's Edition thumbnail Wii ZooVet thumbnail Rhiannon thumbnail Mind Habits thumbnail Brickshooter thumbnail DaVinci's Secret' Edition thumbnail Mahjongg Artifacts thumbnail Mahjongg Artifacts Spread thumbnail

3D Gallery

3D Illustration and Modeling

Most of our 3d illustration and modeling revolves around game development and package design. Enjoy!


Logo Gallery

Logo Design

The Logo. The "face" of your business. Sometimes an icon or elegant typography, or both. View our portfolio...

eXpress Proofs thumbnail LifeTree Games thumbnail American Vending Machines thumbnail Choice Business Advisors thumbnail Rhem 3 thumbnail Emo's Adventures' thumbnail Atlantis Quest thumbnail Canvas Wraps thumbnail Wilson & Ritter thumbnail Gemstone Albums thumbnail GPM thumbnail Eternal Promises thumbnail

True Creative Power

"By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things
which are seen were not made of things which are visible." — HEBREWS 11:3

You didn't ask, but...

imageFrom a humble design studio in 1991, we grew into a full-service creative studio. We even designed a few video games along the way. Yeah, I know. What were we thinking.

Today? Still humble, but strong. We're here to design, create, and develop whatever you might need. Let's work together on your next project.

–Jeff Tobler, Co-Founder